Vegan HeartsAre you looking for Support? Needing more Change - in a world of challenge and violence?

Welcome to Vegan Hearts

Are you longing for more peace and care for the Earth's Environment,
and all its inhabitants?

Yet the predominant current human consciousness creates a world of conflict, fear, abuse and suffering. Not just in war-torn countries, but also in the workplace, within the family, the food industries and fundamentally within our own minds.

So where is the Compassion? Where is the Peace? Is anything really possible without being too ethereal? How do we find that unconditional love inside and outside of us as a foundation for constructive change in our lives and within the world?

Vegan Hearts offers Courses and Retreats, support and practical ways of connecting with that Deep Heart Consciousness
within yourself and others and helps you access expansive peace as well as unravelling all that appears to get in the way, to support you on your journey of creating more harmony and care in this world.

It is designed particularly as a path for those wanting to support change and transformation on this planet, this could be to support the animals, the dis-empowered peoples or the abused landscapes - whether you are an campaigner, activist or perhaps just wanting to change your diet and lifestyle.

I've been running our retreats now for over 15 years and my ethos is very simple:
I'm passionate about providing a caring, deeply nurturing, empathic heart-centred space for individuals to find their way in an often overwhelming day-to-day world. Not just to provide a haven from the busy-ness and stress, but to teach really practical skills and support to take home.

Also it was especially important to me to keep the focus neutral without any spiritual or religious teachings or background, so that it can be really open to all faiths and none.
This is not a 'business' to make money, much more of a 'Service' to humanity in my own little way.

Our approach is very personal and individual, so we don't have online bookings, its much better to drop me a line, or even better to give me a ring and we can chat through what you are looking for to see if I can help.
With deep care, Maddie LynfieldMaddie Lynfield
I'm a long-term vegan meditator for over 38 years and have been running retreats and courses since 2001. My background is in Counselling, Spiritual Coaching, Meditation Tuition, Healing and I am an Independent Trainer for Nonviolent Communication.

We do not teach any specific religious or spiritual dogma and Vegan Hearts is not aligned to any organisation or religion

Contact us on: 01453 767306 or 0777 2000 876

Berrybush, 11 Woodside, Stroud GL5 1PL.


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